Fujifilm Fotonex 400ix Zoom

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The Fujifilm Fotonex 400ix Zoom is a APS film compact camera. It is also known as the Endeavor 400ix Zoom MRC in the US and the EPION 400Z MRC in Japan. It uses a wide-angle to portrait (25-100mm) zoom lens. The lens is has Fujifilm's special EBC coating (Electron Beam Coating). Of course the camera has a built-in flash, but with a special feature: A red LED in the zoom viewfinder indicates whether a finger accidentally covers the little flash or not. The camera shoots onto APS film, offering the whole set of APS camera extras like 3 formats, PQI, as well as the whole set of typical compact camera features like lockable infrared autofocus, fully automatic exposure and a set of flash modes.

A revision of the camera released a year later had the MRC Mid-roll film change feature.