Fujifilm FinePix F401

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The FinePix F401 is a small, even tiny camera from Fuji with a 4 megapixel effective output. Image quality is not great but with hardly any focusing or shutter lag it is well suited for party snaps etc. It also has a good macro mode and quite a number of manual controls available.


  • Comes with dock
  • Good battery life
  • Small, compact and sturdy: you can throw it in the bottom of your bag and not worry
  • An appropriate amount of manual functions though not too many as to bewilder a new user
  • Hardly any shutter lag
  • Hardly any focusing time
  • An ideal first digital camera


  • High ISO noise even at ISO 200; 800 is unusable (owing to small sensor size)
  • No control over aperture or shutter speed
  • Can be a little too small to hold steady at its slowest shutter speed (1/4s)
  • Rather noisy images