Fujifilm FinePix F30

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The Fujifilm Finepix F30 is a finderless digital compact camera with f=8-24mm 1:2.8-5.0 Fujinon zoom lens and large color TFT display (2.5" diagonally). It was the best of the early high resolution high ISO-speed digital compacts. Its high light sensitivity, achievable even with maximal image size (6.1 megapixels), plus its fast readiness made it a first choice digital compact when it appeared in the market in spring 2006. But it guarantees sharpness not in all dim light situations. The green focusing help light is a facility that can't be used when photographing people. Thus it's better to have the LED switched off somewhere in the menu. The autofocus can work without help light too. The camera uses xD memory cards and comes with a good rechargeable 3.6 V 1800mAh battery plus charger.

Technical base for the camera's generally fine imaging quality are the Super CCD HR image sensor, the Real Photo Processor II, and the good Fujinon zoom lens. The Fujinon compact camera lenses get a special coating, the Fuji Super CCDs have octagonal pixels for achieving higher pixel density, and the image processor helps reducing noise and optimizes flash settings.

With compact cameras like this film maker Fujifilm became finally established as a leading supplier of imaging technology for the modern digital photography market.