Fujifilm DL-270 Zoom

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The DL-270 zoom is a 35mm compact zoom camera from Fujifilm released in 1994.

It was also released in America as the Discovery 270 Zoom. Date versions were available as the DL-270 Zoom Date, in America as the Discovery 270 Zoom Date and in Japan as Zoom Cardia Super 270 Date. It was also available in Kmart store as the Discovery 265 Zoom Date. A Promaster 270 Zoom Date version was also available. Metallic body colour version were available as DL-270 Zoom Date MR, Discovery 70S Date and Zoom Cardia Super 270 Date MR.

Photos can be captured in the traditional size or a cropped panoramic mode. It uses a Fujinon f/5-9.5 35 to 70mm zoom lens that is protected by a built-in lens cover. It has a focus distance of 0.9m to infinity, but at 70mm is is from .65m to infinity. There a multiple flash modes including auto, red-eye, fill, and off. It uses a drop-in film loading system and able to accept DX coded film from 50 to 1600 ISO. It uses a prewind function for the film transport; therefore the exposure counter displays the number of exposures remaining and decreases as exposure are captured. Power is from a CR123A battery.