Fujica Compact 35

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The Fujica Compact 35 is a 35mm compact camera released from Fuji in 1966.[1]

It uses a 3.8cm (38mm) f/2.8 lens. It uses a zone based focus system. The shutter is from Seiko with speeds from 1/30 to 1/250, plus B. There is a A mode for automatic exposure which uses the selenium based light meter. Flash sync can be possible with the PC connector on the front and a cold accessory shoe on top.

Another version called New Fujica Compact 35. The name plate is a bit different but has 35 in gold and the leatherette was available in black, blue and cream colours. It's weight 400g.

Another version based on the New Fujica Compact 35 was available called Fujica Light Compact 35. It is available with the same colours as the previous but it also reduced the weight of the camera to 360g. There is a pattern on the film advance.

Another Fujica Compact 35 version was released in 1970, but this time having a hot shoe.


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