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The Fujica 35-SE rangefinder camera by the Japanese company Fujica is a 1959[1] update to the Fujica 35-ML, retaining that model's distinctive thumb focusing, baseplate wind lever, and 90°-turned rewind crank. Also carried over is the bright-line viewfinder which shifts while focusing to compensate for parallax error .

The new feature is the "automatic exposure setting electronic light meter." In fact the user must still manually center an indicator needle in the top deck, coupled to the aperture and shutter setting rings; then these two may be rotated together to select different combinations maintaining the same EV.

A 4.5cm Fujinon f/1.9 lens was now available in addition to the earlier f/2.8.


  1. It is advertised in December, 1959 for "as little as $99.95" (presumably for the f/2.8 option). U.S. Camera magazine Vol. 22, No. 12; pg. 49.