Fujica 35-ML

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The Fujica 35-ML is a 35mm film camera from Fuji.

It is a minor update to the previous Fujica 35-M released months earlier. It features a coupled parallax corrected rangefinder. The Fuji Synchro MXL is a leaf shutter based design that also uses EV numbers for the exposure system. Variations with Citizen shutters have also been seen. The lens is a Fujinon 4.5cm f/2.8. Faster versions with a f/2 lens were also sold. The focusing relies on a thumb wheel. It uses a film advance crank on the base.


35-M 35-ML 35-ML f/2
Lens Fujinon 4.5cm f/2.8 Fujinon 4.5cm f/2
Shutter Citizen MX-V Citizen MLT or
Fuji Synchro MXL
Citizen MLV
Speeds 1 to 1/400. B 1 to 1/1000. B 1 to 500. B