Fujica 35-EE

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The Fujica 35-EE is a 35mm rangefinder camera manufactured by Fuji from 1961. Fuji claimed it was the first camera in the world to have three exposure modes, automatic, semi-automatic and manual exposure.

When set to auto the camera sets the exposure. On semi-automatic the user can preferentially select either a particular aperture or shutter speed, and use the on-board meter to find the correct corresponding setting. Manual mode is really a matter of ignoring the meter read-out.

The lens is Fujinon 45mm f/1.9, which accepts a 35.5mm threaded filter.

The shutter has a maximum speed of 1/1000th of a sec. The shutter release has a screwed in cable release socket. The film advance is a single stroke type located on the base of the body. On top of the advance is a emulsion reminder selection dial. The film rewind is on the left hand shoulder of the body. A film counter is on the base along with a tripod socket. There is a depth of field scale on the top plate of the camera, which is linked to the rangefinder, and lock that must be opened before slow shutter speeds can be selected. The camera also has a viewfinder stop and go indicator comprised of two different colored dots indicating the viability of shooting in various light levels, plus a self-timer.