Fuji TW-3

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The Fuji Tele-Wide 3 is a mid-eighties twin-lens half-frame camera. Two lenses (wide: 23 mm; tele: 69 mm) are fit on a rotating disc which is turned to choose the focal length. In tele mode, two mirrors fit in the light path. Unlike many half-frame cameras, the film runs vertically so that the default finder orientation is in landscape mode. It has no auto-focus, instead it is zone focus using a lever next to the lens disc. A special "TV" mode set the shutter speed to match the refresh rate of domestic TV sets.


  • Wide angle: 23 mm f/8
  • Tele: 69 mm f/8
  • Scale focusing in three steps.
  • Built-in pop-up flash, automatically activated in wide mode.
  • Reads DX coded films