Fuji FZ-6 Tele

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The FZ-6 Tele is a compact 35mm film camera released by Fuji in 1990. In Japan it was released as the Fuji Tele Bene.

It's equipped with a dual focal fixed focus lens design which supports both 35mm and 55mm. The Fujinon lens has a fixed aperture of f/9.5, when switched to 400 ISO it stops down to f/13.5. The lens is protected by a sliding cover. It uses a fixed 1/100 of a sec shutter. On the front of the body is a switch for selecting ISO film speeds, there are two settings: 100/200 ISO and a 400 ISO setting. There is no warning light for low light situations, the user has to decide over flash use, which can be switched on manually. Power is provided by two AA batteries.