Fuji FP-1

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The Fuji FP-1 is a professional instant film rangefinder camera from Fuji released around 1987. It accepts 3¼×4¼" peel-apart instant film. It is part of the Fotorama (フォトラマ) line of instant photography products introduced in the 1980's.

The camera body is primary made of plastic and built with a Fuji PA-1 instant film holder. It is a folding based design, with a lens cover that also serves as the base focusing rail. The focusing scale on the bed has meter markings for 0.8, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and infinity. The left hand side of the body has a grip area with a vertical hand strap. A bellows design is used for focusing similar to previous Polaroid instant pack film cameras. Focusing is accomplished with a thumb wheel on the back right hand side of the body. Within the finder is a yellow round focusing patch that is used for the rangefinder focusing. On top of the camera is a flash cold shoe. The shutter release is at the top right shoulder and accepts a cable release. The shutter has to be cocked on top of the lens after each exposure. It has speeds of 1 to 1/500 of a sec plus B mode. The lens aperture is from f/64 to f/5.6. There is no exposure meter, because of that it is a fully manual exposure camera.