Fuji Discovery 900 Zoom Date Plus

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The Discovery 900 Zoom Date Plus is a fully automatic 35mm powered zoom camera from Fuji. It was also released as the FZ-950 Zoom Date and in Japan as the Zoom Cardia 950 Date. Non date version were also sold as Discovery 900 Zoom Plus, and FZ-950 Zoom. It was sold in Kmart stores as the Discovery 875 Zoom Plus.

It uses a Fujinon branded 38 to 85mm f/3.8 to 8.2 auto focus zoom lens. Zooming the lens requires pressing either the two tree buttons on the camera shoulder. There is also a dedicated mountain infinity focus and a AF lock button. The electronic shutter has speeds from 1/8 to 1/250 of a second. The flash system uses Fuji's HG cards that slide onto the top of the camera. Cards include macro flash, night preflash and a auto daylight card. The film transport is based on a prewind loading system as well as drop-in film loading. It is able to use DX coded film with speeds of 50 to 1600 ISO.