Fuji DL-160 Tele

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The DL-160 Tele (Discovery 160 Tele in the USA) is a twin focal length compact autofocus camera from Fuji released in 1988. A switch on the front selects either 35 mm wide-angle or 55 mm normal focal length. The camera is otherwise fully automatic, with built-in flash and motor drive using Fuji's "drop-in loading" (DL) system. Runs on two AA batteries. A version only sold in the Kmart chain in the USA was called the DL-155. Date version was available as the DL-160 Tele Date, Discovery 160 Tele Date and Tele Cardia 160 Date. Another version was sold as the Promaster DL-160 Date.


  • Wide angle: 35 mm f/5
  • Tele: 55 mm f/7,5
  • Built-in flash.
  • Drop-in loading.
  • Built-in date function in QD model.
  • Power: 2 x 1,5 V AA alkalines.
  • Dimensions and weight: 136x73x57 mm, 298 g.