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Fotoman Cameras (sometimes named as Fotoman Professional or Fotoman China) of Shenzhen, China was the maker of a number of cameras including some panoramic cameras for 120 film. The company was active between about 2005 and 2013.


  • Fotoman Dmini - camera for 4.5x6cm or 6x6cm exposures,designed to take a digital back and lens, but can be used with Hasselblad film backs.
  • Fotoman 69HPS - 6x9cm exposures on film, in Horseman roll film backs.
  • Fotoman DMax - exposures in any size between 6x6cm and 6x12cm, again on film in third-party roll film backs, such as Horseman. The camera has 20mm front rise/fall, and 25mm rear left/right shift, with simple sliding elements retained by brass screw-fasteners. The example seen has a 90mm f/4.5 Rodenstock Grandagon.[1] It has a galilean viewfinder, and a detachable 6x12 ground-glass focusing screen.
  • Fotoman 617 - 6x17cm on roll film.
  • Fotoman 624 - 6x24cm; wider than any other commercially available camera for roll film.
  • Fotoman 45SPS - light 4x5-inch camera, designed to be used hand-held (PS stands for Point & Shoot).
  • Fotoman 810PS - 8x10-inch camera, again designed to be used hand-held.


  1. Example seen for sale.