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Fotodiox, Inc. is an American photographic accessories maker, founded in 2004 and based in Gurnee, IL. The company is perhaps best known for its range of lens-mount adapters, allowing lenses from existing full-frame 35mm or even medium-format cameras to be mounted on the newer mirrorless digital cameras. Some of these allow the lens to shift, exploiting the coverage of the lens beyond a sub-35mm sensor.

The Vizelex RhinoCam range of adapters goes further than just allowing lens shift. It mounts a medium-format lens on the front, and on the back has a sliding panel with at one end a focusing screen with a fresnel and a split-prism focusing aid, and at the other the camera mount. The device was made in several combinations of lens- and camera-mount, but typically for a medium-format lens and a DSLR or mirrorless digital camera with a format of 35mm or smaller. The sliding panel allows rapid switching between the focus screen and camera, and also has click-stops for several positions of the camera, to facilitate several exposures for 'stitching'.

Fotodiox also sells a range of 'WonderPana' large-diameter filters and accessories for ultra-wide lenses, 'GoTough' accessories for GoPro 'action' cameras, and lighting accessories.