Flexaret IIa

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The Flexaret series of TLR cameras was made by Meopta (and its predecessors) in Czechoslovakia. The Flexaret IIa is a fully mechanical camera with an all-metal body. The body is covered in black leather. The Meopta logo is on the black sports finder of the viewing hood. The name plate is marked flexaret only.
The Flexaret IIa shoots medium format 6x6 images on type 120 Rollfilm.

Transport and Shutter

The film is advanced by a knob on the right side. There's no automatic stop; the ruby window in the back has to be watched for the next frame number to appear. The Flexaret IIa has a Metax or Gauthier Prontor-SVS leaf shutter.

Lens and focus

The taking lens is a Meopta Mirar 80/4.5. The viewing lens is a Meopta Anastigmat 80/3.0. Focusing is done by a lever at the bottomside of the taking lens. The lens can be stopped down to f/22. The stopping down is stepless and controlled by a lever. Both lenses take 30mm push-on filters or hoods.