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German or Austrian-made 9x12 stereo plate camera, manufactured in the 1920, possibly made by Camera Industrie Austria. The wooden and cloth covered camera has a Brilliant-type viewfinder in the top. A slotted bar that can be pulled out to one side allows to choose between two apertures. Shutter speeds can be chosen with the pointer (T, B, M).[1] Metal slides allow to expose both halves of the plate simultaneously and thus create a stereo image, or allow to expose one half of the plate only.

The camera was distributed by Bing Werke AG Nürnberg as the Fitax 1.[2][3] It was also distributed in Switzerland as the Mecum.

Notes and References

  1. Where T allowed for long time exposures, B for short time exposures and M (Moment) was very short (instant) exposure
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