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The Feig is a 35mm viewfinder camera, made in Valencia, Spain shortly after the Second World War.[1] It is attributed to Vicente Ferrer Iglesias,[2] and was distributed by Oliver Salleras of Barcelona, according to both the auctioneer's notes at Westlicht and Pierre Dubois writing at Collection Appareils.[3] Dubois describes the camera as a copy of the Leica Compur (Leica B), and states that the body has exactly the same dimensions. The top and base plates are of chrome-plated brass; other exposed metal parts are aluminium, and the body has a black leatherette covering.

The camera has a fixed-focus meniscus lens, with no aperture adjustment, and a three-speed (plus 'B) everset shutter, on a telescoping lens tube. Dubois describes the top-plate controls. As well as the advance and rewind knobs, there is what seems to be a frame-counter dial. However, Dubois says this is simply the top of the screw that retains the base-plate of the camera (the camera loads through the base, like the Leica). There is a thumb-wheel which disengages the film-advance lock for loading and rewind, and a mushroom-shaped button which must be pressed after each exposure, to disengage the advance lock before winding on. There is no body shutter release.

There is a reverse-Galilean viewfinder mounted in a simply-machined aluminium block screwed to the top plate.


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  2. This name is curious; Saint Vicente Ferrer is the patron saint of Valencia, and has a church (Iglesia) there, so it is tempting to suspect a misunderstanding. However, a patent (Patent 38848, Soporte perfeccionado para parabrisas (improved bracket for a motorcycle windshield) at Espacenet) was lodged by D. Vicente Ferrer Iglesias of Calle Arzobispo Fabian y Fuero no. 7, in the Godella district of Valencia, in 1953.
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