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The Exakta Twin TL is a 35 mm SLR camera, made for Ihagee Kamerawerk AG ('Ihagee West') by Petri in 1970[1] (McKeown gives the date as about 1973[2]), and later by Cosina. It makes 24x36 mm images on standard 135 film. It was only made in all-black finish.

The Twin TL has the same lens mount as the Real, a 46 mm bayonet, similar to the original Exakta bayonet, but larger, and accommodating an internal stop-down linkage. Adapters ('system rings') were available to allow lenses with the smaller Exakta mount, or a 42 mm thread mount, to be fitted.[3] The Exakta Twin TL 42 is a similar camera, made with a fixed 42 mm thread mount.[2]

The camera has a Copal focal-plane shutter with metal blinds travelling vertically, giving speeds 1 - 1/1000 second, plus 'B'. The shutter is synchronised for flash with X-synchronisation at 1/125 second, and M-synchronisation at all speeds. There is a hot shoe on top of the (fixed) pentaprism, and separate X and M PC sockets on the left-hand end of the top housing. There are two shutter release buttons; one in the conventional place on the top plate, convenient for the right index finger (this one is threaded for a cable release), and another in the traditional place for an Exakta, on the front of the left side of the top housing, more convenient for a left-handed user, and mating with the lens-mounted release button if an old Exakta-mount lens is fitted.[3] There is a self-timer (delayed action) on the front of the camera, to the right of the lens.

The Twin TL is the first Exakta with a built-in meter,[4] a CdS meter reading through the lens. This is used for stopped-down metering, with a match-needle display in the viewfinder. The meter requires a 1.3 V mercury battery, which is fitted under a cover in the base. The meter switch, which also stops down the aperture, is to the left of the lens mount. The film speed is set on a dial on the right side of the front of the camera. There is also a film-type reminder dial around the rewind crank.

The camera has lever film advance, and a folding crank for rewind. There is a frame counter, which resets automatically when the back is opened. The shutter is cocked automatically when the film is advanced. There is a prismatic focusing spot in the centre of the focusing screen.


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