Ernemann Rolf I

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The cute little folding bed camera Ernemann Rolf I is made for usage with type No. 127 rollfilm. It was made in 1924 by Ernemann, probably as easy-to-use beginner's camera. It has a combined shutter-mode and aperture lever for the settings M12 (Moment=instant mode at F12), Z12 (Zeit=time mode at F12) and Z18 (time mode at F18). The shutter can be released with a lever or a remote cable release. The front standard bears a brilliant viewfinder which is turnable 90 degrees for previewing horizontal exposures. Focusing of the 1:12 7.5cm Rapid Rectilinear lens is possible by shifting the front standard on its rails on the folding bed along a little metal plate with engraved distance scale. The camera has a key type film advance, a tripod thread and a non-closable red exposure counting window.

A variant making 22×33mm exposures on paper-backed 35mm rollfilm was offered, probably for the same film as the Ernemann Unette.