Ernemann Multicolor

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The Ernemann Multicolor is a falling-plate magazine camera optimized for color separation. Instead of two internal reflecting type viewfinders it has just one such finder of Watson type for vertical shots and in addition a collapsible Newton type finder for horizontal shots. This measure saved room inside the camera: room for an internal set of color filters for violet, green and orange. For three-color photography the camera has to be mounted onto a heavy solid tripod and fixed to shoot the non-moving image subject. Then three plates must be shot, each with another one of the three filters. Of course a bulb could be attached for remote shutter release.

The camera has a Colmont Rectilique Extra Rapide lens or a Carl Zeiss Jena Protar 9/150mm lens. It takes 24 9x12cm film sheets or 12 9x12cm film plates. It was marketed as Le Multicolore by the Societé de Photographie des Couleurs in Paris. It has an aperture dial around the lens opening and a distance setting dial. On one side it has a clock which shows the number of fallen plates. The camera is obviously derived from the Ernemann Minor of 1899.