Ensign Selfix 320

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The Ensign Selfix 320 is a self-erecting vertical medium format folding camera made by Ensign.

It takes eight 6x9cm on size 120 film. A thin metal mask fits into the back of the camera for sixteen 6x4.5cm exposures[1]. It has an all-metal body with hinged back. The metal parts are either black enameled or chromium plated. The front cell of the lens rotates for focusing. Some models have a body release.

The viewfinders are an eye-level frame finder with folding mask for the smaller picture size, and a waist-level reflecting finder on the front. There is a baseboard leg for setting up on a level surface, as well as two tripod bushes.

The Selfix 320 is fitted with an Ensign or Vario 3-speed shutter with B and T setting and cable release socket. The lens is a 10.5cm Ensar Anastigmat, available in two different combinations depending on their maximum aperture (f/6.3 or f/4.5).

The camera weights around 450 grams (about 16 oz.) and dimensions are 16.5x8.2x3.8cm (when closed).


  1. The 320 is one of the very few Selfix without a hinged mask.