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The Durst Duca is a 35mm compact camera produced by Durst Phototecnick A.G.


The Duca (Durst camera) was the second camera produced by Durst, from 1947-1952. It exposed 12 exposures 24×36 mm on 35mm film, loaded in Agfa Karat cassettes.

The Duca was presented by Durst at the 24th Milano Trade Fair in September 1946 and its sales started at the beginning of 1947.

During the 30th Milano Trade Fair, in April 1952, Durst announced the stop of its production.

The camera was painted in an unusual crinkle-finish paint, the same Durst used for its enlargers at that time. It was available in black, red, white, blue and brown, with five different kind of leather bags. Black cameras were usually provided with a natural leather color bag, where the color versions used to be provided with a bag of the same color.

The Duca can be found with the focusing distance scale in both metric and imperial units.



Apart from the different colours and metric/imperial units indications, a very rare variation with a 1:8 lens aperture is known to exist. The actual lens appears to be same as the one from the regular 1:11 aperture version, the higher aperture seems to be obtained thanks only to a larger internal diaphragm.

A "1:8" engraving is added on the front plate just above the "Duca" name.