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The Duo is a wooden TLR instant film camera kit designed by Kevin Kadooka of Kadooka Camera Works.

The camera was funded via a Kickstart project. The project was launched in January 11, 2013. Funding was met after only five days. At the end of the funding period (Feb 20, 2013) $19,711 was raised surpassing the original goal of $10,000. Production started in March 2013 with the first kits shipped out in June 2013.

The camera body is made from laser cut birch plywood. Lenses and backs have to be sourced and are not included in the kit. It is designed to uses a slightly modified 105mm lenses from the Mamiya C series TLR cameras. It uses a lockable rack and pinion bellows system for focusing. The bellows are made from fabric and paper. The finder uses a 97 x 97mm ground glass with vertical and horizontal markings as well as 6x9 frame lines. The backs are attached via magnets and can be rotated switching between portrait and landscape mode. Backs are interchangeable and could be switched from using a Type 100 series instant pack film holder or a Graflex rollfilm attachment. A 3/8" strap eyelet is provided and the base has a screw-in mount for a tripod.