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The Ranger is a viewfinder camera for sixteen 3x4 cm pictures on 127 film, made in about 1939 by Albert Drucker and Company of Chicago, although McKeown states that the camera was at first sold by Burke & James, for whom Drucker also worked (his brother George Drucker owned B&J).[1]

The camera has a focal plane shutter, with speeds 1/25 - 1/200 second, plus 'B', according to McKeown,[1] though an example sold at Westlicht appears to have a top speed of 1/500 second.[2] The shutter is cocked by winding the shutter-speed knob on the top housing, and released with a large button on the front of the housing.

The lens is an uncoated, collapsible 50 mm f/2.8 or f/2 Polaris Anastigmat [1], with a 39 mm thread mount. There is a reverse-Galilean viewfinder in the top housing. There are two red windows in the back for film advance (two, because of the half-frame format; 127 film does not have half-frame numbers), with a sliding cover.


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