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Coral (コーラル, kōraru) was the brand used for lenses by Shōwa Kōki, and, after the absorption in 1953 of that company by Aires, by Aires itself.[1] It was produced until around 1962.

Lens list

Coral / 3-element 3-groups
1:3.2/f=4.5cm Aires35 II
1:3.5/f=4.5cm Aires35 I
1:3.5/f=7.5cm AiresFlex Z
Aires Automat
AiresFlex U
AiresFlex IV, IV SA
Aires Viceroy
Q Coral / 4-element 3-groups
1:2.8/f=4.5cm Aires35 IIIA
Aires Viscount
Aires M28, M2.8, ViscountM2.8
1:2.8/f=5cm Aires35 IIA
Aires Penta35, Ever
1:3.2/f=4.5cm Aires35 IIIB
1:3.5/f=7.5cm AiresFlex Z
P Coral / 5-element 4-groups
1:2.4/f=4.5cm Aires35 IIIC
H Coral / 6-element 4-roups
1:1.8/f=4.5cm Aires35 IIIS
Aires 35-V
1:1.9/f=4.5cm Aires35 IIIL
Aires35 IIIC
Aires 35-V
Aires Viscount
Aires Radar Eye
1:2/f=4.5cm Aires35 III
1:2/f=5cm Aires Penta35, Penta35 LM, EVER
S Coral / 7-elements 4-groups
1:1.5/f=4.5cm Aires 35-V
W Coral / 4-elements 3-groups
1:3.2/f=3.5cm Aires 35-V
TELE Coral / 5-elements 3-groups
1:3.5/f=10cm Aires 35-V
Auto S Coral / ?-elements ?-groups
1:1.4/f=55mm Aires Fa


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Source / further reading

In Japanese:

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