Contax T2

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The Contax T2 is a autofocus 35mm compact camera released in 1991 by Kyocera under the Contax brand. It was the second of the T series of high-end compact film cameras targeted at the professional and luxury consumer markets. The first Contax T was a 35mm rangefinder camera released in the 1980's. The body is available in various different colours and finishes.

The camera was designed primary as a point and shoot camera. Unlike most traditional point and shoots there are various adjustments such as exposure compensation, manual focus control, and a aperture priority control. Exposure compensation can be controlled with a rotating dial on top of the camera. A window displays the range in 0.5 EV steps from -2 to +2 EV. The main dial can select focus from AF (on) mode, and manual distance modes of 0.7m, 1m, 2m, 5m and infinity. The lens has aperture selection with markings of 16, 11, 8, 5.6, 4 and 2.8. Also on this ring is flash mode selection with a choice of flash and pre-flash modes.


  • DX ISO 25 - 5000.
  • Non-DX default ISO 100.
  • Lens Carl Zeiss T* Sonnar 38mm F/2.8 (5 elements in 4 groups).
  • Focus range 0.7m - ∞
  • Aperture F/2.8 - F/16
  • Program AE 1s - 1/500s
    • Aperture priority Less than 1~1/200 sec
    • Auto bulb beyond 1 sec
    • With Flash 1/30 ~1/500s
  • Exposure control: Aperture priority program AE.
  • Exposure Compensation +/-2 EV (0.5 EV steps)
  • Metering range (ISO 100): EV~EV17


  • Anti-red eye preflash option
  • Range 0.7m - 3m at lSO100
  • Recycle 3.5s
  • Battery 1 x 3V CR123A battery or equivalent
  • W 119mm x H 66mm x D 33 mm
  • 295g without battery.