Contax N1

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The Contax N1 is a 35mm auto focus SLR camera introduced in 2001.


  • LCD viewfinder FE-1 (shoe mounted)
  • Data back: D-10
  • Power pack: P-8 with cord (4x AA battey)
  • Shutter release: LA-50 (50cm cable), LA-500 (5m cable)
  • NAM-1: adapter to use Contax 645 lenses
  • Focus screens: FX-1 (split image), FX-2 (matte), FX-3 (grid)


  • Lens mount: Contax N-mount
  • Shutter: Vertical-travel focal-plane shutter Av and P: 32s-1/8000; Tv and M: 4s-1/8000; B: Bulb; X: 1/125; Direct X shoe contact: 1/250 second or less.
  • Shutter release: Electromagnetic release with release socket
  • Exposure control: Aperture priority; Shutter priority; Program auto; Manual exposure; TTL auto flash
  • Metering system: TTL Matrix and Center-Weighted Average at EV 0-21; Spot at EV 3-21.
  • Exposure compensation: +/-2EV (1/2 or 1/3 increments)
  • Film speed: Auto DX ISO 25 to 5000; Manual ISO 6 to 6400.
  • Auto focus: 5 point TTL, three step auto focus compensation.
  • Viewfinder: Field of vision 95%
  • Drive modes: Single frame; continuous
  • Film advance speed: 3.5 fps in C-mode
  • Self-timer: delay at 2 or 10 seconds.
  • Power: 1x 6v lithium 2CR5 battery
  • Dimensions: 152 x 116.5 x 69 mm
  • Weight: 795g (without battery)