Contarex Super Electronic

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Produced in small numbers, the Contarex Super Electronic (or Contarex SE) is a focal-plane shutter SLR sharing elements of Zeiss Ikon's Contarex Super. Its first version was introduced in 1968.[1] The SE's unusual feature was a shutter whose timing was controlled by an electronic circuit, described in the manual with a schematic diagram.

An accessory-shoe mounted Tele-Sensor could plug into a socket alongside the lens mount and control the shutter speed steplessly to suit any given aperture (previously selected on both lens and sensor dial). This was one of a series of various electronic accessories and cables made for this model. The electrical motor drive (which could be remotely operated) particularly targeted this model at professional or industrial use.

A number of focusing screen options could be user-exchanged via the lens throat, without affecting the TTL metering cell located behind the reflex mirror.


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