Conley Kewpie No. 2A

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The Conley Kewpie No. 2A was produced between approximately 1917 and 1922. It was a classic box camera and used 116 roll film. Conley Camera Co. was bought out by Sears, Roebuck and Co. and ceased production in 1927.


Kewpies were inexpensive box cameras made out of wood and covered in leatherette. Metal parts were either nickle-plated or anodized black finished. They employed a meniscus achromatic lens with fixed focus. The shutter release lever tripped the shutter both going down and coming back up, so care had to be taken so as not to "double expose" images. There was a lever located on top which could be pulled out to allow for timed "B" exposures. A handy carrying strap was attached to the top as well.


The Kewpie No. 2a featured a rotating wheel over the front of the lens that had four different aperture sizes. These were f/14, f/16, f/22, f/32. Another thing which set it apart from similar cameras of the day was that, instead of sliding out the front or back, the inner cartridge which housed the film slid out the side. One way to distinguish this particular model from any other Kewpie made by Conley is that this is the only version which had the film winding knob located at the bottom of the side of the camera instead of at the top.