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The Competitor View is a view camera made by Seneca from about 1907-25,[1] It was made in three sizes, for 5x7, 6½x8½ and 8x10 inch. It is wooden bodied (McKeown states that it was available in cherry or another pale wood;[1] Karen Nakamura at Photoethnography states that her example is in a light-coloured mahogany wood.[2]). Photoethnography also states that the camera was first made with brass fittings, and only rise (i.e. no sideways shift) on the front standard. Later cameras have nickel-plated brass fittings, as well as shift. All the cameras have tilt and swing at the rear. The camera has rack-and-pinion focusing (moving the rear standard). It has a reversing back.

It may be seen with a Rapid Rectilinear lens or triple convertible lens, and Seneca's own Uno, Duo or Autic shutter. Both the example at Photoethnography and that at David Photography[3] have a Wollensak Gammax No. 2, though it is not certain this is the original lens these cameras were sold with.


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