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The Cinefoto, also known as the Roma 48, is an unusual camera made by Tiranti of Rome just after the Second World War. According to Dario Mondonico, the camera has a fixed-focus Koristka Aether 45 mm f/4.5 lens, and a guillotine shutter with a single, unspecified speed.[1] Mondonico states that the Cinefoto makes up to 48 pictures 13x14 mm on a single 9x12 cm plate; Danilo Cecchi, however, describes the camera as making twelve passport-sized (formato tessera) photographs on a plate.[2] It is possible that both could be arranged.

The plate is moved in a grid pattern between exposures by a hand-operated lever on the right side of the body. Bringing each edge of the plate behind the lens necessarily makes the camera rather tall and wide; Mondonico gives its dimensions as about 40x31x13 cm.[1]


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