Cima Kōgaku

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Cima Kōgaku Co. Ltd. was a Japanese lens maker which probably also made some cameras. It made lenses for the distributor brands Photax, Focal, Hanimex and Lentar as well as lenses for its own brands Cimako and Cimko. It had an own patent to make universal lens modules, combinable with special bayonet modules to make the lenses available for several different SLR systems.

Some Topcon lenses for the Topcon RM 300 SLR body were made by Cima, for example the AM Topcor 55mm f1.7. Chinon also used Cima as OEM lens supplier.

The last Topcon SLR body for the Exakta mount might have been produced by Cimko, see Carena KSM-1.