Chinon Pocket Dual-AF-P

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The Chinon Pocket Dual-AF-P is a bi-focal compact autofocus camera released around 1992. "Dual" refers to the two focal lengths of the lens (28 mm wide angle, 52 mm normal), while the "P" in the model name refers to the panoramic mode. A button on the top switches focal length, while a button on the front activates focus lock or slow-sync flash mode. The Pocket Dual was also supplied by Chinon to Minolta, which sold it as the Minolta P-Twin.


  • Wide angle: 28 mm f/3,9, 3 elements, 3 groups.
  • Normal: 52 mm f/6,3, 6 lenses, 6 groups.
  • Active Autofocus with pre-focus.
  • Programmed shutter ranging from 1/30 to 1/180 s. 1/4 in slow synchro mode.
  • Built-in flash, activates automatically but can't be disabled or forced. Slow synchro mode available.
  • Rudimentary DX decoding, switching only between 100 and 400 ISO.
  • Power: 3V CR-123A lithium battery.
  • Dimensions and weight: 121x66x44 mm, 210 g.