Chinon Bellami

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The Bellami is a a compact 35mm camera from Chinon, introduced in 1980—perhaps as a response to the innovative Olympus XA. However rather than using a sliding lens cover, the Bellami has a distinctive "barn door" design (reminiscent of the Voigtländer Vitessa).

The barn door is opened by pulling out the film advance lever. Chinon also offered a dedicated S-120 flash unit.

In Europe a slightly-modified Bellami was sold by German retailer Foto-Quelle under their brand name Revue 35 CC. The subsequent 1989 Chinon Belami AF (note the single 'l') is a completely redesigned camera.

Some find the Bellami's images similar in effect to photos taken with Lomo LC-A.

A limited edition was also made, fitted with red or grey suede leather on the camera and flash. Its barn door is decorated in gold paint, with a horse pulling a carriage.


  • Lens: Chinonex Color 35mm, f/2.8 (4 elements in 3 groups).
  • Focusing: Manual scale focusing with Zone Focus Marks - 3.3ft/1m - infinity
  • Shutter: SEIKO Program EE Shutter, Speeds from 1/8 to 1/1000 sec.
  • Exposure Meter: Cds EE Exposure System, EV6 - 17(ASA 100), ASA25-400 (DIN 15 - 27)
  • Film format: 35mm
  • Film advance: Single-Stroke Manual.
  • Flash: Dedicated Chinon S-120 Side Mounting
  • Dust Cover: Dust cover opens and closes with the film advance lever. Meter switch is activated while the dust cover is fully opened.
  • Battery Check: Built-In Green LED
  • Slow Shutter Speed Warning: Built-In Red LED
  • Power: Two Alkaline 1.5V LR44 or Two 1.5V Silver Oxide SR44 Batteries.
  • Weight: 220g (8.8 oz.)