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The Чайка (chajka=russian for seagull) half-frame 35mm cameras were produced by the factory Belomo (Belarus) from 1965 up to 1967. 171,400 copies were made. Their bodies are metal.

Chajka camera all share the following basic specifications:

  • Lens - Industar-69
  • Focal length, mm: 28
  • Relative aperture: f/2.8
  • Diaphragm scale from 2.8 to 16
  • Focusing, m: 0.8 to infinite
  • Adjustable shutter speeds 1/30 - 1/250 of a second and "B".

The lenses are screw-in 39mm thread but the back focal distance is 1.3mm shorter than the standard for Leica and other M39 rangefinder cameras and there is no rangefinder cam, so they are not readily interchangeable. The aim was to allow the lens to be used in an enlarger.


  • Chajka
  • Chajka-II (a few are badged "Chaika-II" with i instead j)
  • Chajka 2M
  • Chajka 3