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The Certo SL 100 compact camera was produced by the German maker Certo of Dresden from around 1968-69.

SL 100 is a very simple viewfinder compact camera intended for beginners and children. The camera uses 80-100 ASA 35mm film loaded in SL spool-less cassettes, taking eighteen 24x24 mm pictures on one 60 cm long film. As there's no possibility of winding the film back, two cassettes have always to be used. SL 100 is equipped with a fixed focus f11/45 mm lens, producing sufficiently sharp pictures from approx. 1.3 m to infinity. The lens is designed for black and white film only and is apparently of a single element construction.

A simple guillotine shutter has two speeds only - 1/90 s for sunlight and 1/30 s for cloudy weather, shadow or flash. SL 100 can use both flash bulbs and electronic flashes, synchronized via a hot shoe. The film is transported with a sliding lever on camera's back, coupled with shutter cocking; both the lever and shutter trigger are blocked after taking the last, 18th picture on a film.

An improved version of the SL 100 is the Certo SL 101 color, identical in design, but equipped with a 11/45 mm two element achromat lens; this camera was designed for colour films. The Certo KB 24 in turn was a twin version of the SL 100 designed for film loaded both in the standard 135 type cassettes or SL cassettes.


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