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Is this category useful?

There is a Category:35mm rangefinder, that groups all the cameras equipped with a rangefinder and taking 35mm film. This category is meant to contain the interchangeable lens 35mm rangefinder cameras, but the way it currently works is not satisfying. --Rebollo fr 05:37, 17 May 2006 (EDT)

Name problem ?

I am not fully convinced by this category (that I created myself...):

  1. it is grouping very different things:
    • the true system cameras like the Foca, Ektra or Contax G, or the systems listed in the subcategories
    • some cameras that have an interchangeable lens, but are hardly the basis of the system: Foton (a couple of lenses other than standard)
    • some cameras with a leaf shutter and three or four interchangeable lenses, that are conceptually different

A less ambiguous name could be "35mm rangefinder, focal plane, interchangeable", but aren't we reaching the limit in terms of name ugliness? --Rebollo fr 08:03, 10 June 2006 (EDT)