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CatLABS Inc. is a retailer based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


The company was originally founded by Omer Hecht as CatLABS of JP, in Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood south of Boston, MA in 2010. The company started out as a specialty film processing and scanning lab for local artists and photographers as well as a service station for darkroom equipment and large format cameras. In 2012, CatLABS became the official US distributor of Jobo analog products, following the launch of the Jobo CPP3 processor the same year. The company became 'CatLABS Inc.' in 2013. It is currently the only US service location for Jobo analog equipment, and one of only a handful worldwide.

The name of the company comes from the original logo designed by photographer Tess Scheflan, showing a cartoon of a cat.

Jobo legacy products

CatLABS has created several legacy products for the Jobo film processing system. In 2013 CatLABS developed and produced the 'CL81' [1] "a simple, easy to use, low-cost alternative for processing 8X10 sheet film in daylight tanks", following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The company develops and fabricates various custom parts for obsolete Jobo products, such as the 16mm/110 film reel model #1502.


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