Canon Sure Shot Tele Max/Prima Twin S/Autoboy Mini T (Tele)

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The Canon Sure Shot TELEMAX (Euro: Prima Twin S, Japan: Autoboy Mini T) was a September 1991 model from Canon's very successful Sure Shot range. It was a compact 35mm film camera with autofocus and a twin lens. The lens selector is on the face of the body, the left hand fingers fall naturally in this area making it easy to adjust. The shutter release button is rubberized. A window is on the film back as a reminder of the type of film loaded. There is a tripod socket on the base located off center on the flash side of the body.


  • Lens: Switches between 38mm, f/3.5 (3 elements in 3 groups) and 70mm f/6 (6 elements in 6 groups).
  • 3-point Smart autofocus with pre-focus lock. Close-up warning provided. Range of 0.65m to infinity.
  • Flash: Flash-Auto with red eye reduction, Flash-On, Flash-Off.
  • Timer: 10 sec delay, flash blinks while counting down, and blinks rapidly in last 2 seconds.
  • Date imprint (orange color) on Date model
  • Slim body. 125 x 68 x 48.5 mm
  • Power: 3V CR123A with battery check
  • Power life: 15 rolls of 24 ex film at 50% flash.