Canon Sure Shot Joy/Prima 4/Autoboy Lite 2

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The Prima 4 (or Sure Shot Joy / Autoboy Lite 2 in various countries) is a 1988 plastic compact viewfinder which uses 35mm film, made by Canon Japan.

It is equipped with a 35mm f/4.5 autofocus lens, motor driven film advance and rewind and features a self-timer. The automatic flash can't be switched off.

Film sensitivity is set by DX encoding only.

At the back of the camera is a switch with 4 settings: 1, 2, 3 or 4 (hence the name Prima 4). For example: when switched to 3, the camera takes 3 shots in a row. This feature seems awkward, but when used with a moving subject it can lead to surprising results.

The camera uses a 6V 2CR5 battery.