Canon RC-470

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Canon exhibited both the compact RC-250 and more full-featured RC-470 electronic cameras at the fall 1988 Photokina show in Cologne, Germany[1]. Neither were truly "digital" cameras, as images were stored as analog scan lines on special 2"-square video floppy disks. The RC-470 offered slightly higher resolution than its smaller sibling, as well as dual lens focal lengths: 9mm f/2.0 or 16mm f/2.5. (Given a 1/2"-format CCD sensor, the 35mm equivalent focal lengths would be about 50mm and 85mm.)

Popular Photography noted that professional users such as insurance investigators and real-estate agents were the intended market—which perhaps explains the list price, approximately USD $3,000. A complete kit with FV-540 floppy drive and computer capture software had a staggering list price of USD $4,900[2].


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