Canon PowerShot Pro70

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The PowerShot Pro70 is a digital camera released by Canon in 1998. It was replaced in 2001 with the PowerShot Pro90.

The lens is a 28-70mm equivalent f/2 to f9 lens with a focus range of 32cm to infinity. It uses a 1.6 megapixel 1/2" CCD sensor with a CYGM filter instead of a more traditional RGB Bayer filter. Images are captured in 1536 x 1024 or 768 x 512 resolution with raw, JPEG normal and fine modes. The optical finder has diopter adjustments. The finder has a 90% view of the frame. The color LCD screen can be flipped out as well as rotates 270 degrees. There are two CompactFlash card slots located on the right hand side for removable storage. One for a Type I card and another for Type II slot which can also use microdrive storage. They can be switch by pressing a dedicated CF button. The left side of the body has connectors for serial, video and remote. The top of the right shoulder area is dominated by a LCD. Surrounding the LCD are buttons CF, Menu, LCD/Video, Multi/Quality, Jump/Drive, info/+-, (flower) Macro. The left of the lens barrel has the main mode dial. Settings include L (lock/off), Play, (green square) auto, (P) program, and PC. There is no built-in flash, but it has a hot shoe that is compatible with many Canon EX speedlights. Power is located within the had grip area, it can use either a NB-4H 1400mAh NiMH rechargeable or lithium 2CR5 battery.