Canon PowerShot 600

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The PowerShot 600 is a early digital camera released from Canon in 1996.

It uses a 570,000 pixel 1/3" CCD sensor. Photos can be captured at 832 x 608, 640 x 480 or 320 x 240 pixels and recorded in JPEG, TIFF and Raw formats. Photos can be recorded in color or a B/W Text mode. There is 1 MB of internal flash memory for photo storage, removable storage is with PC card (PCMCIA) Type II and III. The lens is a 50mm f/2.5 equivalent with a focus distance of 40cm to infinity in normal mode and 10 to 40cm in macro mode. It is protected by a sliding lens cover. Composing photos are done with a optical viewfinder. There is no LCD display for reviewing photos. The top of the camera has a button to select quality settings of fine, normal and economy. Custom F1 and F2 buttons adjust various settings. The dial has settings for A, menu, erase and all erase. The built-in flash can be set to auto, on and off modes. The camera includes a docking station that connects via parallel port to a computer.

An updated PowerShot 600N became available months later. It shares the same features but it's faster in usage and focus speed is improved.