Canon IXUS X-1

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X-1 Images

The Canon IXUS X-1 is a compact APS camera, introduced by Canon in November 1999. It is one of the quirkier IXUS APS cameras, being designed for underwater use. The body has a large viewfinder, shutter release button and best shot selector dial for use whilst wearing diving equipment. The film and battery doors, and the date/time/message setting and mid-roll rewind buttons are hidden inside a hinged base which is waterproofed by an orange (rectangular) o-ring and a very positive catch. The selector dial features a "fish" icon, for underwater use. The f4.8 lens has a fairly wide angle, at 23mm (approx 29mm, 35mm equivalent) - useful where there may be limited distance of visibility underwater and precise positioning and stillness are difficult.

Unlike Canons other IXUS APS cameras, where the viewfinder is shuttered to cover the different APS formats, the X-1 rotates different bright-lines into the finder. Also unlike other IXUSes, the flash settings are set on the mechanical mode dial, rather than by pressing miniscule buttons.

The IXUS X-1 name was used in Europe; in America, it was called the ELPH SPORT, and in Japan, the IXY D5.

Power comes from a CR2 3v battery.