Canon EOS 3000V

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The EOS 3000V is a 35mm SLR autofocus film camera produced by Canon in 2003.

It is known as the EOS Rebel K2 (Americas) and EOS Kiss Lite (Japan).

The body is similar to the 300V and 300X with a large LCD panel on the camera back. It has a electromagnetic metal focal plane shutter with speeds from 30s to 1/2000. There is a built-in pop up flash with a GN of 12. Flash sync is at 1/90 a sec. The metering system features silicon photo diode with 35 zone evaluative, central partial and center-weighted average metering modes. The meter has a range of 1 to 20 EV at (ASA 100), and can be set for film speeds from 25 to 5000 ISO. The mode dial is used for exposure modes which includes, aperture priority, shutter priority, dept of field AE, manual exposure and a program mode with scene selections such as portrait, landscape, close-up, sports, night and no flash. An exposure compensation modes is available from -2 to +2 in 1/2 stops.

The auto focus is based on a CMOS sensor with a sensitivity of 1 to 18EV. There are 7 AF points with the ability to select them automatically and manually. Various focusing modes are available such as one shot, AI servo, AI focus and manual focus. An AF assist light is also available.

The film transport is motorized with up to 1.5 fps in continuous advance mode. Film is loaded automatically and is pre wound onto the take up spool. Exposures are advanced into the film canister. It's compatible with DX code film, but non-coded can also be used by manually selecting the ISO. When in manual ISO mode, the value is reset when the DC film is loaded. The film counter shows the number of exposures remaining. It's powered by two CR2 battery. An optional BP-220 vertical grip can also be used. It provided an additional shutter release button as well as the ability to use more common AA(4) batteries.