Cadet (monorail)

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The Cadet is a 4x5-inch monorail camera produced by Cambo and sold under both the Cambo and Calumet brands. It was one of the cheaper monorail cameras available. Compared to Calumet's own CC-400 series monorail cameras, the Cadet is much lighter. Whereas many monorail cameras are mounted on a solid aluminium rail, the Cadet has a hollow tubular rail;[1] where the solid rail has a machined groove for racking, the hollow one has a groove formed by folding. The Cadet has one-sided, L-shaped front and rear standards, and more parts are plastic than on the CC-400 cameras. The camera weighs about 2.5 kg (5½ pounds),[2] compared to the CC-400's 3.75 kg (8¼ pounds).

The camera is black, with either black or red bellows. It was available with either a standard bellows, giving sixteen inches of extension, or a bag bellows for use with very short lenses.[2]


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