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The Cadenza (キャデンザ) or Gloria lens was advertised by Asao Tenchidō from 1924 to 1927. It was among the first Japanese lenses commercially available, predating the Hexar by seven years.

The Cadenza was advertised in the November 1924 issue of Ars Camera. It is presented as a new Japan-made soft-focus lens, of f/4.5 aperture and 6.5in focal length, covering up to kabine format (12×16.5cm) and costing ¥40. The words CADENZA SOFT FOCUS F/4.5 are visible on the lens rim. The advertisement says that the Cadenza was the first soft-focus lens made in Japan, and that a patent was filed for it. The lens was used and recommended by Saitō Kōji (齋藤鵠児), Minami Minoru (南實) and Suzuki Hachirō (鈴木八郎).

The lens was advertised again in the June 1926, December 1926 and February 1927 issues of Ars Camera. The picture clearly shows the inscription GLORIA 1:4.5 F=6″ on the lens rim; a company name ending in and perhaps beginning by GLORIA is visible on the other side of the rim. The words GLORIA CADENZA are perhaps inscribed on the base of the lens mount. The advertisement now says that the lens has 6in focal length and covers tefuda format (8×10.5cm), costing ¥27.