Porst Automatic 500

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The Porst Automatic 500 was made by Braun for distributor Porst. It was also sold as Braun Automatic 300 by others. It was a viewfinder camera for type No. 126 film cassettes and was launched in the mid-1960s. It had a single-speed shutter (1/90 sec.) and a coated Steinheil-Cassarit 1:4/43mm Color-Objektiv as lens with fixed focus for object distances between 2 and 4 metres. On top it had a flash for AG1 flashbulbs that could be hidden under its collapsible reflector and needed two AAA batteries which were hidden in the camera's bottom. The camera had a built-in selenium meter which controlled some kind of automatic exposure. The coated optical viewfinder had a bright frame with parallax marks and an indicator that was green when sufficient light was available.


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