Billy II

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The Billy II is a metal-bodied folding camera for 6x9 cm exposures on 120 film (Agfa size B2), made by Agfa in the early 1930s. It is contemporary with the Billy I (formerly named the Billy Igetar 8.8), not a successor to it. Both are listed in a brochure of the early 1930s: the Billy I still has its square-ended body, while the Billy II has round ends. It is smaller in each dimension, and weighs 450g, compared to the Billy I's 500g. The brochure stresses the camera's smallness and lightness, calling it 'the camera for the coat pocket'.[1] The Billy II also has the f/7.7 Igestar, while the Billy I has the f/8.8 (both now with an 's' in the lens name). Both still have two-point ('near' and 'far') focusing, and a three-speed everset shutter. There are both brilliant and folding frame viewfinders.

The camera was sold as the No. 2 Speedex in the USA.


  1. Die Agfa Photographie; Agfa brochure, undated but clearly of the early 1930s (not before 1931, since the Agfa Billy Jgetar 8.8 has been redesignated the Billy I; but the Standard cameras are still listed in all but the largest size.